The TS300M is a handheld, no-contact explosives trace detector. With an innovative air suction mechanism, it keeps soldiers at a safe distance as they collect samples for accurate results within seconds.

This way, maneuver combat, field, and bomb squad commanders have the confidence that the threat of explosives will be uncovered immediately and accurately and without risking the lives of soldiers.

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BUILT FOR THE FIELD For any combat environment and in any weather condition, whether rain, snow, or under direct sun
EASY TO OPERATE With minimal training required and no technical nor other special expertise needed
NEAR ZERO DOWNTIME OPERATION Cleaning at up to 15 seconds and system recovery at up to 1 minute
REQUIRES NO CONTACT Powered by innovative air suction mechanism for the safest samples collection
THE LOWEST FALSE POSITIVE RATE Patented electrochemistry that brings the highest resistance to masking interference
CLEAR & IMMEDIATE RESULTS Displayed within seconds by red/green light for yes/no outcome
Trusted by DDR&D

“With the TS300M we know our soldiers are safe as they collect samples for analysis. Anyone can operate it, and we don’t need chemists on hand to determine whether there’s a threat or not, getting results immediately.”

The Israel Ministry of Defense Directorate of Defense Research & Development


TS300M brings sophisticated AI algorithms that maximize sensor sensitivity and proprietary electrochemistry that ensures unmatched resistance to masking interference.

 This powerful combination means detection and classification for a broad range of explosives with high levels of accuracy.












Welcome to Tracense, where innovation meets safety. We are leaders in advanced explosive detection technology, providing a sophisticated alternative to conventional methods. Our streamlined and modular approach ensures efficiency, replacing high-cost and labor-intensive procedures. At Tracense, we prioritize non-invasive techniques and environmental responsibility, contributing to a safer future. Join us in revolutionizing security for a world where safety knows no bounds.

Experienced manager adept at overseeing global, multidisciplinary development and engineering projects from conceptualization to production. Specialized in New Product Introduction (NPI) and skilled in navigating the transition from concept to production. Possesses extensive customer-facing experience on a global scale.

Ami Kamil

CEO of Tracense Systems

Anastasia has over 15 years of experience in chemical research. Ph.D. in Surface Chemistry and Material Science from Weizmann Institute of Science, M.Sc., and B.Sc. degrees in Physical Chemistry from Technion.

Dr. Anastasia Kipnis

Head of Research Group

Former CEO of Tracense Systems Ltd.

Held pivotal roles in Israel's security system: leading the HLS division at Industrial Systems, overseeing security at Shabak, El Al, and the Mossad.

Nir Regev

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Tracense Systems Ltd.

President & CEO (2005-2018) of Israel Military Industries Ltd. Mr. Felder was the Chairman of the Board of three IMI subsidiaries. Over 35 years experience of management, marketing, R&D and business development in the defense industry.

Avi Felder

Board Member at Tracense

A businessman, with a police background, in the fields of technology and sabotage. He served in the Israel Police as the chief sabotage officer at the rank of Brigadier General, and in his last position was the head of the planning division at the rank of Major General.

Arik Yakuel

Board Member at Tracense

Served as the Director of the Security and Protection Division at the Israel Security Agency (ISA). Among his many responsibilities during his 25 years career in the ISA was responsible for maritime security, protection of embassies, ports, border crossing, and high ranking officials, including Israel’s Prime Ministers and Presidents.

Tsahi Stromza

Board Member at Tracense

Former IDF general and land forces leader, later chaired the Israel Ports Company and Electric Company for over a decade. Graduated in Law from the Hebrew University, a Bar Association member, and holds a business administration qualification from Bar-Ilan University through the Executive MBA program.

Yiftach Ron-tal

Board Member at Tracense

Chairman & Co-Owner of Mikal Ltd. In the past was a Chairman & Co-Owner of “Soltam”, ITL and other 12 companies that were sold to Elbit in 2010 for $ 100M. VP Marketing of IMI, the second largest defense company in Israel.

Miko Gilat

Board Member at Tracense